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Air Force Practice UPDATE 9-13-2012

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Air Force Falcons,


I hope that you are enjoying your week and are looking forward to Air Force Football this Saturday !! This Saturday The Falcons will reap the rewards of the hard work and commitment that we have sowed on Monday and will sow on Thursday. Encourage your Falcon to be prepared for an intense and challenging practice this Thursday as we will discipline them in the techniques and fundamentals which they MUST master in order to be victorious. The same discipline which will make our Falcons victorious on the field will also help them to have victories off the field so lets together reinforce the need to be respectful to others, work hard at whatever you do, and never give up when adversity occurs.




Thursday Practice is 5:45 pm at First Baptist Church McKinney.

Please bring BOTH of the following shoe types to practice Thursday; Football Cleats AND Tennis Shoes. We may need to move our practice into the gym at First Baptist McKinney if the weather is bad in which case we will need to wear tennis shoes.


Blue Game Jerseys have shipped and will be distributed to all players Saturday before the game. We encourage you to purchase royal blue athletic socks for your Falcon so that we will all be consistant in our uniform appearance on Saturdays.

Coach Shannon

After Action Report Playoffs

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Air Force Falcons,


I hope that you are realizing and enjoying the opportunities you have this week to be a blessing to someone. When you are a blessing to others you are being blessed !!!!! If we have a choice (and we do) to be a blessing or be a curse, lets chose to be a blessing, and so lets chose to be blessed !!!!! So lets be a blessing !!!!!


In Falcon News.......


The Air Force Falcons Spring 2012 Football Season is completed. We have one remaining activity and it promises to be one of the best team building and most fun activity yet. It is our desire to conclude our season in a manner that highlights the principles that we value. Our season ending event will take place on Sunday afternoon May 20 2012 and will utilize discipline, integrity, and team work in a very fun way. We will have a Silver and Blue team paint ball battle followed by our awards ceremony and dinner immediately afterward. The location and details of the paintball Battle of Silver and Blue are posted on our website in the News and Calender section. The cost per player is $40.


Our team photographer Jill Guenther has prepared an 8th Grade Falcon season highlight video. If you would like to request an 8th Grade Falcon Season Highlight DVD please email her at The cost for the DVD is $5.


Air Force football equipment returns and refunds will also take place at the Battle of Silver and Blue event so please bring the following issued equipment;


1. Helmet

2. Shoulder Pads

3. Practice jerseys (blue numbered jerseys and non-numbered jerseys that were issued)

4. Pants and pants pads


Summer Athletic\Character Conditioning


Air Force Falcons Youth Sports will offer or sponsor summer athletic\character conditioning please stay tuned to our website for upcoming announcements about summer youth activities.




This fall we will continue to improve upon the football and leadership skills that we have taught in the spring. We will be a blessing to 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade young men as we offer Air Force Falcon football teams and leadership training for each of those grades this fall. All teams will practice at First Baptist Church McKinney on the same days


Fall football registration is now open and the Air Force Falcons will continue to teach and train young men Discipline, Integrity, and Team Work this fall. Please go online to our website at to the Fall Registration Page to indicate your desire to be part of our continuing development of servant leadership in our young men.


Official sign-up for Fall Air Force Football is at once at the site select the Football Tab, then the Registration Tab, then Player Registration. You must register with McKinney Sports Connection online in order to become eligible to play. If you need assistance with online registration or have any questions please call or write me for assistance.


Thank you all for an outstanding season of football and fun. The Air Force Falcon coaches look forward to seeing you all at the battle of Silver and Blue and awards ceremony on May 20.


Coach Shannon


After Action Report Week 8

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“The discipline which makes the soldiers of a free country reliable in battle is not to be gained by harsh or tyrannical treatment. On the contrary, such treatment is far more likely to destroy than to make an army. It is possible to impart instruction and give commands in such a manner and such a tone of voice as to inspire in the soldier no feeling, but an intense desire to obey, while the opposite manner and tone of voice cannot fail to excite strong resentment and a desire to disobey. The one mode or the other of dealing with subordinates springs from a corresponding spirit in the breast of the commander. He who feels the respect which is due to others cannot fail to inspire in them respect for himself. While he who feels, and hence manifests, disrespect towards others, especially his subordinates, cannot fail to inspire hatred against himself.” (Major General John McAllister Scholfield's graduation address to the Class of 1879 at West Point.)


Air Force Falcons,


The regular season is now complete. There have been many tough battles fought. There are a few more battles yet remaining to be fought. In the next few battles we will be able to determine if our Secondary Mission Objective is accomplished----Securing the Premier Youth Football Championship for the 4th Grade Air Force Falcons as well as for the 8th Grade Air Force Falcons. With our regular season behind us we can now declare that our Primary Mission Objective has been accomplished----Successfully Instilling Discipline, Integrity, and Teamwork in our young men. We coaches have seen the results of the increase in Discipline, Integrity, and Teamwork in observing how our awesome Falcons respond to victory and to defeat, in how our Falcons show respect to those in authority, and listen to instruction. We coaches have heard from our parents about how excited their sons are about coming to practice but just as importantly how their sons feel that that can respectfully express any concern or grievance with us and expect to be treated respectfully and fairly in return. We coaches have heard from parents of our opposition praising us and our players on our character and style. We have heard from opposition coaches complimenting us on the discipline that our players show in their techniques and character. We coaches have even heard from opposing players after our games against them with the opposing players saying that they want to play FOR us in the future !!!!!!!!! The respect that our young men have earned from the league, parents, and other players is a product of the DISCIPLINE, INTEGRITY, and TEAMWORK that they have learned and displayed since accepting their Tour of Duty Assignment for Spring 2012 Air Force Falcons football. Primary Mission Objective Successfully Accomplished---------


The quote at the beginning of this message accurately reflects how the leadership team of men and women, Air Force Falcons Youth Sports Coaches, Team Moms, and Business Manager, feel about the importance of Discipline. In our remaining few weeks of teaching and training let us all remember why we are a part of this program. We want the very best for our children. We want to prepare them for success in life and equip them with the tools necessary to navigate around and possibly through obstacles. In the end, Air Force Falcons Youth Sports is more than just a youth sports program, it is a program to prepare tomorrows leaders in the ways of servant leadership.


Coach Shannon

After Action Report Week 7

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 I hope that you have enjoyed the awesome weather that we have been blessed with this past weekend !!! I also pray that before this week has ended you will have experienced the peace, comfort, and joy that trusting in Christ provides for us !!!!


 In Air Force News......


 "On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of victory" General Douglas MacArthur


 Each week the Air Force Falcons 4th grade and 8th grade teams engage an opponent in battle on "Fields of Friendly Strife". The techniques taught to our Falcons on Fridays and Sundays at practice are put into play on Saturdays on the "fields of friendly strife" against an opponent. In preparing for the opponents that our young men will face on the "fields of friendly strife" we are teaching and training not only sound football techniques by highly knowledgeable men, but we are sowing the seeds of servant leadership to our young men, by men who are truly servant leaders. Regardless of the scores on the scoreboard, our young men are learning Discipline, Integrity, and Teamwork which are core components of servant leadership. These components once firmly held in the hearts and character of our young men will bear the fruits of victory on other days and other fields.


 The 4th Grade Falcons lost the battle on the field to the NTX Spartans but successfully displayed many of the techniques taught to them this past week. We saw improvement in our Falcons this week in practice and on the battlefield. Our 4th Grade Falcons continue to fight and battle to the last man, to the last play, to the last second, and we are very proud of them.


 The 8th Grade Falcons lost the battle on the field to an improved and very determined adversary in the Texas Wolfpack this Saturday.


 Sundays practice was one of the best we have had for each team all season in large part due to leaders stepping forward on each team. The seeds have been planted and are growing in the hearts and souls of our Falcons, and yesterday several leaders on each team stepped forward to encourage and rally their teammates. In our final week of regular season practices, BOTH Air Force Teams are nearly complete in accomplishing our primary mission for this season; Success in Developing Discipline, Integrity, and Teamwork. The 8th Grade Falcons are positioned to complete the secondary mission objective; Capturing the Premier Youth Football Championship.


 Friday Practice

 7 pm till 8:30 pm at First Baptist Church McKinney

 4th Grade Falcons Full Pads

 8th Grade Falcons Full Pads


We need every Falcon to be at Fridays practice so that you can be taught and prepared for battle. It is very important to be at practice because that is where Discipline, Integrity, and Teamwork are taught and developed in addition to the fundamental football techniques necessary to perform your individual duty. If there is a condition or event that prevents attendance at practice please let one of the coaches know. We are very pleased with the level of responsibility that our Falcons demonstrate when a family event or emergency occurs and our young men notify us.


 Saturday Games

 The League has revised game times and locations for Saturday.

 4th Grade Falcons will arrive at Prince of Peace Stadium at 3:30 pm to take team photos and prepare for battle against Team Tigers.

 Combat begins at 5 pm against Team Tigers.

 8th Grade Falcons will arrive at Prince of Peace Stadium at 12:30 pm to prepare for battle with the NT Rams. Team photos will take place after our game.

 Combat begins at 1:30 pm Team Photos will take place at 3:00 pm.


Post Season


Playoff Schedule will be available after the games this weekend.


Air Force Team Event to be announced.



Thank you all for allowing us to teach and train your sons. Lets finish this season with the commitment and effort that our future leaders need and deserve.


Coach Shannon

After Action Report Week 6

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I hope that you all are having an enjoyable and pleasant Sunday. After a tough Saturday for Air Force Football, we can all be thankful for many things despite the losses by both Air Force teams. It is not success or failure, nor victory or defeat which defines our character, but rather how we deal with each which defines our character.




As we continue our mission to develop discipline, integrity, and team work in our young men on the way to becoming servant leaders, we take every opportunity to highlight the importance of not just having those qualities BUT exercising those qualities as well. With each passing week we are seeing more and more evidence and results of having and using discipline, integrity, and team work in both Air Force teams.




We are proud of the character displayed in our young men each practice and each game. One of our fantastic parents sent me a wonderful quote last night that summarizes how we feel about our Falcons;




You may encounter many defeats, but you must not

be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter


the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you


can rise from, how you can still come out of it."


- Maya Angelou




As there are no storm watches in our area nor any dangerous weather conditions pending for north Texas, we are having practice today at First Baptist Church McKinney from 4:30 pm till 6:30 pm in full pads and with an attitude of gratitude for the health and successful growth of the hearts and minds of our young men.




Thank you all for your outstanding support and assistance in helping us train your sons to become tomorrows servant leaders and men with discipline, integrity and honor.




Coach Shannon

Air Force Falcons After Action Report Week 5

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Air Force Falcons,




I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful day that the Lord has made !!! Please remember our Saviors life and His sacrifice this weekend as we celebrate His death, His burial, and His resurrection on Easter.




Now for some Falcon News........




This has been a mixed weekend for Air Force football, as the 4th Grade Falcons lost the battle with the NTX Rams. The 4th Grade Falcons again showed heart and spirit and never gave up during the fight. The 8th Grade Falcons showed similar heart and spirit in their battle with the McKinney Broncos. The heart and never give up spirit of the 8th Grade Falcons prevailed as did the 8th Grade Falcons over the Broncos.



There is a common thread between the 4th Grade Falcons and the 8th Grade Falcons despite having different results in this game and other games. That common thread is that each and every one of our awesome young men have a heart and mind and spirit set upon the right things. Our Falcons are striving to be more Disciplined, have more Integrity and work hard as a Team. There is a bond of brotherhood between them, forged by a common goal and common values which are honorable, respectable, decent, and good. Our young men are not mean natured, nor are they angry or have bad temperament. We have wonderfully decent well behaved young men on our teams who are learning the tools and ways to be competitive at a very high level and REMAIN civil, and respectable, and honorable. That is the common thread in all our boys. Discipline, Integrity, and Team Work are not just words to say, it defines the core of our teams and the core of our young men. That is the brotherly bond that each Falcon shares. Win or lose I see that common thread each week and I am EXTREMELY PROUD of both of our Air Force Falcon Teams and every player on them. Having grace in defeat and being humble in victory is very important in developing character and our Falcons are developing outstanding character.



Remember that there is NO PRACTICE Easter Sunday.




We will have a make up practice on Tuesday April 10 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at First Baptist Church McKinney. Full Pads for both teams on Tuesday.




We will have a practice Friday April 13 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at First Baptist Church McKinney to prepare for Saturdays games.




The Air Force Falcons Youth Sports coaches are very proud of our progress regarding our Primary Mission objective----which is to have "Success in developing Discipline, Integrity, and Team Work." We are also committed to our Secondary Mission Objective----which is to win "Premier Youth Football Championship." Both teams are doing well and are getting better each week.




After today's games I was honored to receive a short book called "Rise Above" from one of our awesome Falcon Parents. In this book there were six principles listed;




1. Aim High


2. Believe in Yourself


3. Use Your Brain


4. Be Ready to Go


5. Never Quit


6. Expect to Win.




These are principles which helped the Tuskegee Airmen "Rise Above" and accomplish great things for our country despite the adversity and obstacles presented by other American Servicemen and by the Nazi Germany war machine.




Please share this email with your Falcon and encourage him to "Rise Above" any adversity or obstacle he may be facing in his life now or in the future !!!!!!!! Remember that together we are teaching and training tomorrows leaders.




Thank you for your support of your Falcons and have a blessed Easter.




Coach Shannon

Air Force Falcons After Action Report Week 2

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Air Force Falcons,


Saturday's games were a challenge in which both teams face two opponents, the opposing team and the weather. The 4th Grade Falcons had an amazing pre-game prep in cold rainy conditions and impressed us with their focus and discipline. I am proud of the 4th Grade Falcons for their attitude and efforts pre-game and their heart and fight during the game. As a first year team playing the two toughest teams in our division we can be proud of our fight. As we improve and make the necessary changes I expect victory in the next two games for our 4th Grade Falcons.


The 8th Grade Falcons faced two challenging opponents on Saturday as well in the opposing team and weather. The 8th Grade Falcons were able to achieve victory over the opposing team by fighting courageously through the weather. The mental and physical discipline demonstrated by our Falcons is to be commended, as they overcame much adversity in route to a win. Many players answered the call of duty by stepping up their performance when placed into the line of battle.


Falcons, we are a team of young men training in the sport of football and in the art of servant leadership. All of our young men are gaining valuable skills in each, under the leadership of our outstanding coaches. Healthy, successful growth and development of character involves proper handling of success as well as adversity. We are indeed blessed to have a wonderful environment in which to learn how to successfully navigate success and adversity.


---Air Force Academy Cadet to speak to both teams during pre-game on 3-24-2012


We coaches thank all Air Force Families for your encouraging support of our young men and our efforts in teaching and training tomorrows leaders.


Air Force Discipline, Courage, Honor on display in Red Tails

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Air Force Families,

This is a reminder about our team event scheduled for this Saturday, Jan 28 at 10:30 am. We are very pleased to offer all of our players the opportunity to watch the new movie Red Tails. It is a movie about Discipline, Integrity, Teamwork, Courage, and Honor. Our team values these qualities. We will encourage and develop these qualities in our young men as we teach football techniques and skills.

Air Force Falcons Staff

Final Falcon Tryout Date January 7th

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We have completed two of our three scheduled tryouts and are looking forward to the third and final team tryout on January 7th. The overall attitude and efforts of the young men participating has been outstanding, and the coaching staff is preparing for what we expect to be a successful final tryout.


We would like ALL participants of previous tryouts to attend the final tryout . If you have not come to a tryout yet please register on our tryout page.


On January 7th, immediately after the tryout, we will offer positions to players for our Spring 2012 roster and discuss our practice schedule, therefore it is important to attend this tryout.


IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO ATTEND THIS TRYOUT PLEASE EMAIL Coach Shannon at to receive important details about your status. We understand that there may be other commitments on this date for some and we would like to ensure that you receive your team offer in the event of a schedule conflict on January 7th.


Coach Shannon

Youth Air Force Falcons are looking for Tomorrows Leaders Today!!!

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2012 Youth Air Force Falcons has begun its search for young men who want to learn and train to become tomorrows leaders by becoming todays leaders on the fields of friendly strife, the Grid Iron.


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