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Air Force Falcons After Action Report Week 5

Posted by slinvel on April 8, 2012 at 12:20 AM


Air Force Falcons,




I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful day that the Lord has made !!! Please remember our Saviors life and His sacrifice this weekend as we celebrate His death, His burial, and His resurrection on Easter.




Now for some Falcon News........




This has been a mixed weekend for Air Force football, as the 4th Grade Falcons lost the battle with the NTX Rams. The 4th Grade Falcons again showed heart and spirit and never gave up during the fight. The 8th Grade Falcons showed similar heart and spirit in their battle with the McKinney Broncos. The heart and never give up spirit of the 8th Grade Falcons prevailed as did the 8th Grade Falcons over the Broncos.



There is a common thread between the 4th Grade Falcons and the 8th Grade Falcons despite having different results in this game and other games. That common thread is that each and every one of our awesome young men have a heart and mind and spirit set upon the right things. Our Falcons are striving to be more Disciplined, have more Integrity and work hard as a Team. There is a bond of brotherhood between them, forged by a common goal and common values which are honorable, respectable, decent, and good. Our young men are not mean natured, nor are they angry or have bad temperament. We have wonderfully decent well behaved young men on our teams who are learning the tools and ways to be competitive at a very high level and REMAIN civil, and respectable, and honorable. That is the common thread in all our boys. Discipline, Integrity, and Team Work are not just words to say, it defines the core of our teams and the core of our young men. That is the brotherly bond that each Falcon shares. Win or lose I see that common thread each week and I am EXTREMELY PROUD of both of our Air Force Falcon Teams and every player on them. Having grace in defeat and being humble in victory is very important in developing character and our Falcons are developing outstanding character.



Remember that there is NO PRACTICE Easter Sunday.




We will have a make up practice on Tuesday April 10 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at First Baptist Church McKinney. Full Pads for both teams on Tuesday.




We will have a practice Friday April 13 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at First Baptist Church McKinney to prepare for Saturdays games.




The Air Force Falcons Youth Sports coaches are very proud of our progress regarding our Primary Mission objective----which is to have "Success in developing Discipline, Integrity, and Team Work." We are also committed to our Secondary Mission Objective----which is to win "Premier Youth Football Championship." Both teams are doing well and are getting better each week.




After today's games I was honored to receive a short book called "Rise Above" from one of our awesome Falcon Parents. In this book there were six principles listed;




1. Aim High


2. Believe in Yourself


3. Use Your Brain


4. Be Ready to Go


5. Never Quit


6. Expect to Win.




These are principles which helped the Tuskegee Airmen "Rise Above" and accomplish great things for our country despite the adversity and obstacles presented by other American Servicemen and by the Nazi Germany war machine.




Please share this email with your Falcon and encourage him to "Rise Above" any adversity or obstacle he may be facing in his life now or in the future !!!!!!!! Remember that together we are teaching and training tomorrows leaders.




Thank you for your support of your Falcons and have a blessed Easter.




Coach Shannon

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