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After Action Report Week 7

Posted by slinvel on April 23, 2012 at 4:15 PM




 I hope that you have enjoyed the awesome weather that we have been blessed with this past weekend !!! I also pray that before this week has ended you will have experienced the peace, comfort, and joy that trusting in Christ provides for us !!!!


 In Air Force News......


 "On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of victory" General Douglas MacArthur


 Each week the Air Force Falcons 4th grade and 8th grade teams engage an opponent in battle on "Fields of Friendly Strife". The techniques taught to our Falcons on Fridays and Sundays at practice are put into play on Saturdays on the "fields of friendly strife" against an opponent. In preparing for the opponents that our young men will face on the "fields of friendly strife" we are teaching and training not only sound football techniques by highly knowledgeable men, but we are sowing the seeds of servant leadership to our young men, by men who are truly servant leaders. Regardless of the scores on the scoreboard, our young men are learning Discipline, Integrity, and Teamwork which are core components of servant leadership. These components once firmly held in the hearts and character of our young men will bear the fruits of victory on other days and other fields.


 The 4th Grade Falcons lost the battle on the field to the NTX Spartans but successfully displayed many of the techniques taught to them this past week. We saw improvement in our Falcons this week in practice and on the battlefield. Our 4th Grade Falcons continue to fight and battle to the last man, to the last play, to the last second, and we are very proud of them.


 The 8th Grade Falcons lost the battle on the field to an improved and very determined adversary in the Texas Wolfpack this Saturday.


 Sundays practice was one of the best we have had for each team all season in large part due to leaders stepping forward on each team. The seeds have been planted and are growing in the hearts and souls of our Falcons, and yesterday several leaders on each team stepped forward to encourage and rally their teammates. In our final week of regular season practices, BOTH Air Force Teams are nearly complete in accomplishing our primary mission for this season; Success in Developing Discipline, Integrity, and Teamwork. The 8th Grade Falcons are positioned to complete the secondary mission objective; Capturing the Premier Youth Football Championship.


 Friday Practice

 7 pm till 8:30 pm at First Baptist Church McKinney

 4th Grade Falcons Full Pads

 8th Grade Falcons Full Pads


We need every Falcon to be at Fridays practice so that you can be taught and prepared for battle. It is very important to be at practice because that is where Discipline, Integrity, and Teamwork are taught and developed in addition to the fundamental football techniques necessary to perform your individual duty. If there is a condition or event that prevents attendance at practice please let one of the coaches know. We are very pleased with the level of responsibility that our Falcons demonstrate when a family event or emergency occurs and our young men notify us.


 Saturday Games

 The League has revised game times and locations for Saturday.

 4th Grade Falcons will arrive at Prince of Peace Stadium at 3:30 pm to take team photos and prepare for battle against Team Tigers.

 Combat begins at 5 pm against Team Tigers.

 8th Grade Falcons will arrive at Prince of Peace Stadium at 12:30 pm to prepare for battle with the NT Rams. Team photos will take place after our game.

 Combat begins at 1:30 pm Team Photos will take place at 3:00 pm.


Post Season


Playoff Schedule will be available after the games this weekend.


Air Force Team Event to be announced.



Thank you all for allowing us to teach and train your sons. Lets finish this season with the commitment and effort that our future leaders need and deserve.


Coach Shannon

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